Former Idaho Schoolhouse Now a Historic 16-Bedroom Home

Was elementary school the best time of your life? Are you eager to relive your classroom days? Does the sound of a school bell warm your heart?

Stop dreaming about the good old days and start reliving them in this 16-bedroom converted schoolhouse in Coeur d'Alene, ID. Built in 1905, the building is one of Idaho's oldest remaining schoolhouses. Currently serving as The Roosevelt Inn, it can easily be turned into a single-family residence. Listed for $2.8 million, the property has numerous possibilities.

"We talked about turning it into a big old home for ourselves, but it was just too big," says the current owner and former student at the school, John Hough (yes, "Dancing With the Stars" fans, of that Hough family). "We could knock out a wall, open it up, turn this room into a game room, that room into a library…"

But ultimately, Hough and his wife, Tina, decided to keep the 8,412-square-foot property as a bed-and-breakfast and event venue. With a turnkey operation in place, buyers interested in the commercial side of things can try out their innkeeper chops right away. And with the schoolhouse dcor -- think vintage wood, old school clocks, a basketball court converted into a hot tub, and desks at the ready -- it's a compelling option to visitors.

And there are plenty of visitors. Located on half a city block in Coeur d'Alene's thriving downtown, the schoolhouse is a short hop away from restaurants and bars and only a four-minute walk from Lake Coeur d'Alene. Whether you or your guests want hiking, swimming, or a day in the park, you're never far from your preferred form of outdoor entertainment.

If you even want to leave the property, that is: Whether you're enchanted by the clever rooms, including the "Princess Tower" located in the converted belfry, or dying to kick back with wine and cheese around the fire pit outdoors, you'll find plenty of room for restoration.

"Anyone can find their own secluded spot to relax on the property," Hough says. "We call it our own Secret Garden. You're completely surrounded, and it doesn't feel like people can look in on you."

Even if elementary school was more of a nightmare than a dream, you'll have a hard time holding on to those memories once you've fallen under this glorious property's spell.