For $1 Million, You Can Buy Your Very Own Ghost Town

Ever dream of being sheriff of a Wild West town? It has its perks. Staring down bandits. Being "the fastest gun in the West." A reserved table at the saloon. And aside from pesky bank robbers and claim jumpers, it was a pretty cool gig.

Well, pardner, you don't have to live out your frontier dreams through "Deadwood" marathons any longer. Saddle up, because we've found an entire Old West ghost town up for sale.

For a mere $1 million, you'll get the town of Uptop, in Colorado, a 42-acre parcel with preserved buildings straight outta the cowboy days. The property has everything to accommodate a new sheriff in town.

When you're done dancing and imbibing, you can head to the charming white church with a steeple to repent, stop by the town's museum, or visit young varmints in the Wild West -- style one-room schoolhouse.

And when it comes time to bunk down for the night, head on over to "HQ," a circa-1917 log home that's been updated with all the modern amenities.

So who's ready to run this show? We don't think you'll have to duel for it.