Father’s Day gifts for the handyman dad

For many of us, our fathers taught us everything we know about fixing things. If your dad is the type that’s always puttering around in the garage, never content to let something stay broken, and constantly looking for the next big DIY project, give him something he’ll really love this Father’s Day: power tools.

Here are some perfect gifts to give to the Mr. Fixit in your life this year.

Ryobi One+: Ryobi’s line of One+ tools allows you to purchase a single lithium-ion battery to power a whole family of power tools, including a drill, hedge trimmer, reciprocating saw and dozens more. Battery-powered tools have really improved in recent years, offering far more power and a longer life than ever before. However, carrying around a separate battery for each task and tool is cumbersome. Ryobi solves that by making a single, interchangeable battery that works in every tool, making your toolbox a lot lighter and less crowded. It’s the perfect gift for the handyman dad that likes to fix things on the go.

Gerber Crucial Multitool: While a well-stocked tool kit is essential for any handyman, sometimes you just need a simple set of tools that are always within reach. Gerber’s Crucial ($45) dispenses with the boxy design of many multitools, giving you an ergonomic handle that feels more like a pocket knife in your hand. And while many multitools jam in as many things as they can, the Crucial favors simplicity, sticking with a few basics that you’ll use often: two screwdrivers, a pair of pliers, a knife and a bottle opener. It’s the perfect gift for the dad that can never be too far from his toolbox.

DeWalt Infrared Thermometer: Whether hunting energy-wasting drafts in the winter or grilling steaks on the barbecue in the summer, an infrared thermometer is an essential tool for your dad. Capable of detecting temperatures as high as 932 degrees Fahrenheit and as low as -20 degrees, the DeWalt Infrared Thermometer ($150) is a precision instrument that’s versatile enough to use in any number of situations. Just point and shoot to get an instant temperature reading.

Black & Decker RapidRoller: Rather than using messy paint trays, the Black & Decker RapidRoller uses a fillable handle that pulls paint right from the can and feeds it to the roller while you work, allowing you to cover an entire wall without stopping. It also has a hinged head, so that you can angle it into tight corners and tackle irregularly shaped walls. If your dad is looking to do a little redecorating this year, the RapidRoller is the perfect gift.

Griffin Survivor Case: If your dad likes to crank up the tunes on his iPhone while he works in the garage, the Griffin Survivor case ($50) will ensure his expensive smartphone stays safe. Griffin’s cases are designed to meet U.S. and U.K. military standards for toughness. Once locked down in one of these cases, the phone or tablet is drop-proof up to 6 feet, and resistant to water and dust. So whether your dad is refinishing furniture, hosing down the car or just a little bit clumsy, the Survivor case will ensure that he doesn’t have to stop the music to get the job done.

Craftsman Bottle Opener: Sears’ Craftsman tools are well known for their rock solid construction and unlimited lifetime warranty. Now that company offers a bottle opener ($7) with the same distinctive handle that you’ll find on Craftsman screwdrivers. It’s the perfect fit for your dad’s tool box. After all, your dad deserves to kick back and crack open a cold one after a long day of fixing things.