Faith Hill and Tim McGraw Split Up Their Property in Tennessee

A-list country couple Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are still trying to sell their 750-plus-acre farm in Franklin, TN, about 45 minutes out of Nashville. It's been on the market for almost three years.

No serious buyers have bit on the $18.5 million property, which includes a three-bedroom, Miz Scarlett-like antebellum home in need of some TLC, and a spruced-up log cabin, where the couple relaxes on weekends. The place was the beneficiary of recent free publicity when late-night TV host Jimmy Kimmel did a comedy bit there. Take a look:

"It's a very unique part of middle Tennessee; it would be hard to put that much land together again if somebody wanted to," says listing agent Steve Fridrich, owner of Fridrich & Clark Realty.

Despite its hard-to-replicate size, $18.5 million for hundreds of acres of paddocks and pastures is a tall order. So the country stars have divided the farm into two parcels: 268 acres with the historic house for $8.5 million, and 350 acres with the log cabin for $10 million. They've already sold a 123-acre snippet for about $2.8 million.

Fridrich told us that the log cabin, "where someone can move in and enjoy tonight," has attracted the most attention; and a potential buyer with a family foundation was tire-kicking the antebellum house.

"If I broke it into 50-acre tracts, we could have a big sale sooner," Fridrich said. But Hill and McGraw don't want to slice up the property like a Thanksgiving turkey. So, they're waiting for the right buyer, perhaps someone on the business side of country music.

"A record label owner could easily be a buyer," says Fridrich. Or maybe someone who plays one on TV's "Nashville"? Anyone got Rayna Jaymes' number?