'Extreme Makeover' Star Paige Hemmis Selling Her Made-over Home in California

Paige Hemmis is a busy woman. Juggling careers in television and real estate tends to decimate downtime. Even so, she's added another task to her to-do list: home seller.

Hemmis, best known for her time as a lead designer on ABC's "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition," is selling her house (and serving as the listing agent) in Lancaster, CA, for $330,000 -- and she told us all about it.

"I bought the home in 2009 for me and my 94-year-old grandmother," says the 44-year-old entrepreneur. "My grandma moved from Florida, and I was so excited to have her here close to us. We picked a home close to my wonderful aunt and cousin. My aunt passed away a couple of years ago, and it was tough on all of us. My grandma moved down to L.A. to be closer to my mom and I got a job at Universal, so we decided it was time to sell."

In 2014 a washing machine hose sprung a leak, leading to a major remodel on the three-bedroom home. And while Hemmis, easily identified by her pink shirt and hard hat during the nine-season run of "Extreme Makeover," wanted to get dirty with doing the major renovations, she had to sit on the sidelines.

"According to the insurance company, I personally wasn't allowed to do any of the remodeling myself [in 2014]. It was torture. But I did get to pick the molding, doors, flooring, kitchen granite, paint colors, so I still felt like I was involved," Hemmis says. Before the recent renovations, Hemmis donned her pink construction garb and did some work to the home in 2009, including adding a faux finish to the brick fireplace and outdoor landscaping.

The 2,022-square-foot home now features a completely renovated kitchen, new wood floors, new paint, and new doors. Since the single-story house is just a decade old (built in 2004), Hemmis says she "reined in my extreme desires and went more mainstream for this remodel," although the temptation was real. "I'm always tempted to do something extreme!"

Between her gigs as the founder of the women's construction wear company, Tuff Chix, and appearing on Hallmark Channel's "Home & Family," she doesn't have a ton of time to devote to the listing. It isn't possible without help.

"It's hard! Working on a daily TV show, it's tough to find time to show the house, so one of my Realtor friends is helping me out [with the showings]," she says. "I love real estate. I understand the opportunity to help people find the home of their dreams. I'm hoping this home is just that for someone out there!"