Electronic pet doors for the 21st century pet

Electronic pet doors are great for pets and owners alike. Gone are the days of getting up to open the door, and goodbye to strange animals entering through the traditional dog door. You no longer have to spend the day worrying about letting the dog in or out. With the help of an ultrasound collar, these doors open and close automatically when it senses your dog approaching.  If your cat or dog has used a traditional door, chances are you will have almost no trouble training your pet for the new one. To give you maximum control, built-in controls allow you to determine when to let your pet in and out. If you think you and your pet are ready for an electronic upgrade, here is a guide to the some of the best electronic pet doors on the market:

Cat Mate Electromagnetic Cat Door
Electromagnetic doors automatically lock and unlock when they sense a magnetic key on your pet’s collar. This can be ideal for people with multiple cats, as you can control who stays in or out. Simply place the appropriate magnet on the outdoor cats’ collars and now you have an effective system. You can set the doors to full access, completely locked or one-way entry or exit. This electric door can also prevent overly friendly neighborhood cats, raccoons and other critter visitors from entering your home. Just be aware that the magnetic keys sometimes pick up other metals during your cat’s forays, so keep an eye on the collar in case something like a nail or screw is stuck there. The door uses a 9-volt battery and comes with two magnetic keys. You can order extra keys for any additional cats. Reviewers say that the door installs easily and cats are ready to use it within a few hours.

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor
While electromagnetic doors use magnets, electronic doors are opened through contact with an ultrasound collar, much like a garage door opener. This updated technology usually costs more than electromagnetic doors, but electronic doors are generally more effective at keeping other animals outside. The smart-key range reaches three feet, and you can adjust the distance at which you want the door to open when your dog nears. The small keys are lightweight, unobtrusive attachments to your pet’s collar, which means it can run around unhindered by the tiny gadget. You can also avoid hazardous wires hanging around on the floor, as this door is powered by 4 D-cell batteries.

High Tech Pet Power Electronic Pet Door
Just as the door’s name claims, this high tech entry slides up and down vertically to allow your dog in and out. Not only will this door protect you from animal intruders, the weather-proof and rain-proof sealing will save you from all the elements. An automatic deadbolt adds an extra layer of security, which is particularly important for larger pet doors. The digitally-encoded key opens the door only when your pet is on direct approach, not when it’s wandering or sleeping nearby. This door operates on an AC adapter, with an optional battery compartment. Doors come in different sizes, to fit your pet perfectly.