'Dr. Disgusting' Scopes Out His Options on the Real Estate Market

Dr. Jorge Rodriguez -- aka " Dr. Disgusting," as he's affectionately known on " The Doctors" -- knows how to perform an endoscopy on the examination table, but can he flush out a home buyer on the real estate market? That's the next procedure for this good doctor as he looks to sell his house in Laguna Beach, CA, for $2.65 million.

Rodriguez bought the 3,224-square-foot home in 1995 after moving from Long Beach, but he almost botched the deal. While he was deciding, "the seller took it off the market," Rodriguez says. "So my Realtor went to visit him with a deal and a bottle of Jack Daniel's." It worked, and the three-bedroom home became Rodriguez's home with an ocean view for almost 20 years. Now, he's ready to move on.

"It's just not for me anymore," Rodriguez says. "Life has taken me toward Los Angeles."

That's not to say he won't miss the place. "My favorite part of the whole house is the master suite, which has a hands-free urinal that I think every man can appreciate," he says. And while he isn't new to the real estate game, this is his most beloved property. "I've owned other real estate -- a condo in Marina, a place in Newport Beach -- but as far as homes go, this is pretty much it."

Over the years, he's renovated some aspects of the home built in 1983 -- namely the bathrooms, the kitchen, and the two brick fireplaces now lined with travertine. The house cantilevers over a hillside, with the back porch sitting "about 40 feet" above the ground, he estimates. The porch provides for some incredible views of Laguna Beach, while out front you can take a stroll through the Aliso and Wood Canyons Regional Park.

"You get the best of both worlds," he says.

The house is the polar opposite of disgusting -- so what's with the nickname, anyway?

"It's because of what I do -- intestinal stuff -- some people think it's gross," Rodriguez says. "'The Doctors' is produced by Dr. Phil's son, Jay McGraw. … I owe the 'Dr. Disgusting' nickname to Jay and his production company. I would have rather been called 'Dr. Studly.'"

While Rodriguez, 57, is moving, he isn't looking to settle down; it's quite the opposite.

"I'm looking to buy in a high-rise in L.A., which is a little difficult to find. I don't want the house with the yard and the sprinklers right now -- I want a great view of the city, and to be able to close the door, walk out, and not worry about it until I get back."

If you're interested in this slice of Laguna Beach, the doctor is interested in seeing you. And he's only screening for one pre-existing condition.

"If you can afford it and you don't have a criminal record, then it's yours to enjoy," he says.