Dealing With Window AC Units: The Struggle Is Real

Ah, the dog days of summer -- by definition, the hottest and most humid stretch of the season. If your home has central air conditioning, all is OK with the world. And if not? We feel your pain (and perspiration) as you wrestle your window AC unit into place, only to take it out a few months later.

To ease (?) your discomfort, we've pulled together this list delineating the many perils of a home without central air conditioning. Pour yourself an ice-cold beverage and enjoy.

You procrastinate putting in the AC units

You've been sweating in your sauna of an apartment, and you're too lazy to heave those window AC units into place, but you just can't take it any longer. You'll get up and tackle this task -- as soon as you peel your skin off your leather sofa.

-- -- --

You nearly send yourself to the ER

Whether you keep these behemoths in the basement, garage, or attic, lugging AC units to their final destination is no small task. Flattened fingers, thrown-out back -- can your body handle the damage?

-- -- --

You need tons of supplies

Even though you've placed it in the window, you've still got a long way to go 'til you're chillin' like a villain. You'll probably need foam to fill in any gaps between the unit and the window frame to avoid bugs coming in and cool air escaping. You might also need duct tape to keep the foam in place. Time to trudge to the hardware store.

-- -- --

You could get robbed

Don't forget to screw it into the window! If you don't, you're putting yourself at risk for a break-in -- especially if you're on the ground floor.

-- -- --

You take it too far

Once you've gotten those units in, you crank them to the max. Soon your nose will be red and you'll be able to see your breath but you won't care. After all, this is what you've been waiting for … even if you can't feel your toes.

-- -- --

You can't hear a thing

Is there a helicopter landing on your roof? No, that's just your window unit. You've got the TV cranked to full volume, and you still can't hear a thing. Looks like you'll have to either subtitle your favorite shows or sweat. I think we all know how that's going to play out.

-- -- --

You've got new tenants

You noticed a few pieces of errant straw but thought nothing of it. But now there's a nest in your air conditioner, and you're freaking out about the possibility of bird mites becoming an unwanted summertime souvenir. Why didn't you just pack up and move to the Arctic Circle before June?

-- -- --

You're sweating … again

The unit is fairly new, why isn't it cooling like it used to? Because you forget to clean the filter, and now it's full of dirt. Go on, get that debris out of there.

-- -- --

Taking the window unit out is as bad as putting it in

You've made it through the summer. Now all you have to do is put that unit away until next season. Just be careful, it's every bit as heavy as it was back in May. Lift and remove with caution!

-- -- --

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