Calling All Superheroes! We've Found the Michigan House for You

Some houses are built for the average Joe, and others are meant for superheroes. This waterfront home in Michigan, listed for $10 million, is "about the closest thing on the west coast of Michigan to an 'Iron Man' house," jokes Pete Spirov, CEO of Andrea Crossman Group International, which is listing the 8,114-square-foot complex.

Built on a Lake Michigan sand dune, the home has everything an aspiring Tony Stark might desire.

High tech gadgets? Check -- there's an electric car on a special track to take you from the house to the garage a quarter-mile away. And you'll appreciate the fortress-like nature of the home's construction. It required 100 pylons to support its three "pods," Spirov explains. "It is unbelievably well-engineered, it's probably one of the most intensely engineered homes on the lakeshore."

Seclusion and privacy? Check and check. In addition to having 830 feet of private lakeshore, the double-gated home sits on almost 40 acres of secluded woodlands. The area is flush with homes built as summer retreats, but this house is fully equipped for year-round living.

Room for other superheroes who might drop by? Check. Two of the three "pods" that make up the home were built for the owners' grown children and their families, so each pod has its own kitchen, bathroom, and bedrooms. The house spans 350 feet from pod to pod, explains listing agent Andrea Crossman. Overall, the complex has nine bedrooms, six bathrooms, two half-baths, six fireplaces, and four living rooms. The land included also offers the intriguing possibility of constructing yet more homes should a new owner need a larger family compound, Crossman says.

Easy access? Check. An airport is only 30 minutes away and can accommodate any type of plane, says Spirov.

And while the stone and wood elements in the home convey a very modern design aesthetic, the interior spaces are more comfortable and cozy than one might expect, Spirov says. Built in 2011, the home uses a variety of woods, stone, and metal to create that interior charm, he explains.

The main kitchen features top-of-the-line appliances but also feels cozy, Spirov says. An outdoor kitchen features a pull-down wall that protects it from the elements when necessary.

Spirov and Crossman say the house is being marketed nationally and internationally to find just the right buyer. Perhaps a superhero just needs to be prodded in the direction of Lake Michigan?