Burglar's paradise: 5 things that make your home a target for thieves

Going away for a bit? You might want to take a second pass at the house and the yard to make sure you aren't inviting thieves to steal your property.

Everything from your mailbox to your trash cans could be alerting potential burglars of your whereabouts, giving them the go-ahead to let themselves inside and grab whatever they want.

These 5 not-so-obvious indicators could potentially make your home a target for thieves:

You Leave Visible Trash in Garbage Cans

Setting out the box from your new 60-inch HDTV or high-end gaming console on the curb is basically advertising the fact that those items are in your home. As electronics are the second thing burglars go for (cash is number one), this makes your home an attractive target, according to the study. So buy a cheap box cutter and invest the 30 seconds it takes to break down large boxes and bundle them together so their labels can’t be seen. Plus, your garbage man will thank you.

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Forty percent of people admit posting pics while out of town, according to Nationwide. And while putting your vacation pictures online might get you a lot of likes, it also notifies your friends and acquaintances that you’re now far from home, making your house a prime target for anyone with ill intentions or just an opportunistic streak. Instead, make sure your social media profiles aren’t public, and wait to post your beautiful beach selfies until you get home.

"Fine. Nothing from the beach. Is this one OK?"

"Fine. Nothing from the beach. Is this one OK?" (iStock)

It takes two minutes online or on the phone to put a hold on your mail while you’re gone and subvert the No. 1 signal burglars look for: an overflowing porch or mailbox.

Love those flowers. That says you have taste … and taste means there are nice things inside. Those yard toys your kids leave out always make me wonder what type of gaming system they have.

You might want to consult this list of obvious hiding places before deciding where to keep a spare key because burglars are definitely going to check the cliche spots. Instead, try these secret hiding spaces for spare keys and other valuables.

Try again, please.

Try again, please. (iStock)

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