BBC Documentarian Louis Theroux Is Renting Out Los Feliz Home

Document this: BBC documentarian Louis Theroux is looking for a tenant for his Los Feliz home in Los Angeles. The 1923 Colonial-style abode comes fully furnished with an eye-popping monthly rent of $8,995. The home's available starting in September, according to the listing.

The broadcaster is the son of famed travel writer Paul Theroux, and he has done some traveling of his own -- moving to Los Angeles to cover the city for a BBC series titled " Louis Theroux's L.A. Stories." What better way to understand the City of Angeles than by actually living there?

Perhaps the 45-year-old was tempted by the life of a cousin, "The Leftovers" star Justin Theroux, who may be better known for his engagement to A-lister Jennifer Aniston (although it's now in doubt).

As the 45-year-old Louis Theroux wrote of his move from rainy London to sunny L.A. in late 2012, "Not just for the sun but for the sense of unselfconsciousness and the chance of self-reinvention." And, naturally, the great real estate.

The "pleasant tree-lined area," as Theroux described his neighborhood to the BBC magazine, must have been a welcome relief from London's fog.

The sunny space includes an open kitchen and informal eating area that opens to a backyard and pool.

Bonus: You don't have to be an actual filmmaker to live like one.