A 'Polynesian Village': TV Producer Steven Bochco Is Selling Massive $23M Hawaiian Estate

Steven Bochco, creator of classic TV dramas including "Doogie Howser, M.D." and "NYPD Blue," is selling off another parcel of multimillion-dollar real estate. This time it's for $23 million in Kamuela, HI.

This Hawaiian home is quite different from the $5 million Mid-Century Modern classic in Encino, CA, which Bochco listed a couple of months ago. In fact, calling it a "home" is a disservice -- it's a collection of separate rooms and pavilions spread over 1.62 acres.

As Bochco told Architectural Digest, he and his wife chose a "Polynesian village sort of arrangement, with separate dedicated structures." Built in 2003, each structure has its own purpose -- exercise room, media room, and dining room -- all framed by the property's pool. To get to the master bedroom, you cross a bridge, while stone pathways can be used to access other pavilions.

Many pavilion rooms feature retractable wooden doors that span a wall, offering a sweeping view of the lush surroundings.

The home is located within "The Bluffs" at Mauna Kea Resort, which also offers luxury rentals.