A Historic and Unique Live-Work Restaurant Opportunity in Denver

For a few entrepreneurial folks, there's no divide between work and home -- and the rest of us commend your dedication. Aspiring restaurateurs who want to sleep (and live) where they eat might find their dreams come true in this 4,400-square-foot restaurant/home in Denver's up-and-coming Park Hill neighborhood.

Located not far from a soon-to-be-completed light rail station, this two-bedroom, mixed-use building is smack dab in the middle of an area that's "undergoing so much transition," says listing agent Joseph Berry of Colorado's Finest Real Estate. But while the neighborhood is on the move, restaurants and entertainment options haven't quite caught up -- which means a savvy buyer has an opportunity to set the tone.

"It's an underserved market when it comes to unique ideas," says Berry. "Right now, it's mostly chains and fast-food places, and not a lot of that 'mom-and-pop' feel."

If you've got a culinary dream, such as adding a homey microbrewery to one of the world's most beer-loving cities or opening a farm-to-table restaurant supplied by your very own garden, this little spot is the perfect place to realize those fantasies. Already a successful restaurant twice over, the entire operation is turnkey, and an enormous commercial-grade kitchen will make your favorite chef feel right at home.

Speaking of home: Even with a business down below, this renovated 1892 Victorian farmhouse still feels comfortable and cozy.

"It has amazing character and turn-of-the-century construction," says Berry. But while the home offers plenty of vintage touches such as the original stained glass and dumbwaiter, there's plenty of modernization to be found in the LED lighting, new roof, and renovated attic.

A perfect escape for weary bohemians, the attic nook has a vaulted ceiling and plenty of space to create an intimate hideout, complete with several well-lit reading spots and an office. Currently, it's subdivided into separate spaces by colorful, flowing curtains, ideal when you want to close off your sleeping area from the afternoon sunlight.

The downstairs master bedroom is equally roomy, with a nearby brick-walled office overlooking a tree-lined street. Combined with the space's large chalkboard wall, it's a Pinterest-perfect spot to sketch out your day.

While Berry says it could work as a bed-and-breakfast or rental building, it would be a tight squeeze -- making it far-better suited as a restaurant.

"It doesn't really fit in the paradigm of a multi-unit building," he says. "You'd have to chop up a lot of the spaces."

Instead, take this rare opportunity to live your restaurant-owning dream surrounded by the beauty of a vintage Victorian.