A Beautiful Mess: DIYers Are Selling Their Renovation Project in MO

Looking for a DIY pad that's already fixed-up so you don't have to do it yourself? Well, you can holster your glue gun! This Springfield, MO, home listed by DIY bloggers extraordinaire A Beautiful Mess comes packed with Pinterest-worthy renovations.

Actually, it's not just Pinterest-worthy -- pictures of the home are all over Pinterest. There's the bathroom; and the open-shelving kitchen, with concrete countertops; and don't forget the teal-painted front door!

To be fair, the sisters behind A Beautiful Mess, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, basically invented the idea of a DIY blog. Established in 2007, their blog pioneered a half-dozen trends you'll find in every Midwestern home, like the aforementioned concrete countertops.

This two-story home has served as their studio since 2013, providing office space and endless room for them to do it themselves. With Larson moving to Nashville, the four-bedroom home is on the market for $189,000.

However, it's not only hip trends and finishes that make this 139-year-old, 2,424-square-foot Colonial so appealing. It still has hints of tradition, including its refinished wood floors, original staircase, and banister.

"We love old houses, so simple things like keeping the trim or an old door but giving it a fresh coat of paint is something we love," Chapman says.

History isn't just inside the home: "It's a little historic street with historic markets," says listing agent Jason Jordan of Greater Springfield Realtors. "The area has an eclectic feel, with old-school houses."

Putting the vintage elements aside, the home's colorful interior is its biggest draw. Take the kitchen, with its bright yellow cabinetry paired with hip white subway tile. Or, the teal ceiling of one of the bedrooms. Or, the yellow half-wall in the garage, which Chapman and Larson turned into a workshop.

The sisters did more than just add the obvious Pinterest-worthy touches. They spent a little under $30,000 on renovations, upgrading the HVAC system, redoing and smooth-coating the drywall, and adding new appliances throughout -- including a new hood for the oven.

Entertainers will love the cheerful backyard. While the property is not huge -- only a quarter-acre -- it offers plenty of space for friends (not to mention a cool fox mural). Off the workshop, cement tiles create a small patio space perfect for string lights and a vertical garden.

While the home has been used as a work studio, Chapman says it would be perfect for "a small family or a couple who works from home." The four bedrooms provide "plenty of space to spread out," but the bathroom space -- there is only one full bathroom and another half-bath -- means that "a larger family might find that they have a long wait for the shower in the morning."

A potential bathroom queue would be the least of inconveniences: "It's truly a bummer to see it go," Chapman says. Eventually, she hopes, "We'll return to it for either work or to live there. It's a pretty unlikely scenario, but we just love this house."

We're sure someone else will love it, too. Just keep us posted on Pinterest…