9 Things You Must Know About This $150M California Home

Los Angeles' luxury homes are legendary for their excess, but when California's new most expensive listing hit the market on Tuesday, it reset the meter. The $150 million spec house is "an extraordinary expression of boundless creativity, passion and a master's touch of timeless style," the listing claims. For that price, we sure hope so!

And it figures that a property commanding nine figures has an intriguing background. Here are nine things you must know about this uber-expensive mansion in the hills of Los Angeles.

  1. It's currently the third most expensive listing in the country. No. 1 is a $195 million compound in Manalapan, FL, and No. 2 is Le Chateau de Versailles in Hillsboro Beach, FL, which is listed for $159 million.
  2. Builder Gala Asher sold a spec home in Beverly Hills last year for around $32 million to billionaire Steve Cohen.
  3. Barbra Streisand used to have a home on the property, but it was torn down in 2000 by a tech entrepreneur.
  4. Robert Foster, president of Coldwell Banker Greater Los Angeles Companies, says the house commands such a high price because it's so unique. "Price doesn't have a bearing on it. [For] a person who falls in love with it -- it's almost priceless," Foster says. "You almost get mesmerized walking through it. Just about everything you can possibly think of is in this property."
  5. The home is on Carolwood Drive, a street familiar to A-listers. Celebs such as Gregory Peck, Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra, Rod Stewart, Sonny and Cher, and Elvis Presley have all lived on the street at one point.
  6. The estate has a 10-car garage and parking for more than 50 cars.
  7. At 5,300 square feet, the master suite alone is more than twice as big as the average American home, which is 2,598 square feet.
  8. The mansion sits on a 2.17-acre lot, measures approximately 38,000 square feet under roof, and features 10 bedrooms and 20 bathrooms.
  9. It has a lounge, wine room, movie theater, steam room, massage room, mani-pedi area, hair salon, and indoor spa.