6 Things Inside Taylor Swift's Home That May Shock You

Taylor Swift fans, prepare to explode with excitement: Your favorite pop star has opened the doors to her home and invited you inside.

OK, catch your breath! This rare peek inside T-Swift's Malibu bungalow comes courtesy of Vogue's "73 Questions" series, where the magazine's May cover girl strolled with a cameraman through her private abode, while answering a barrage of questions about her life and home decor choices -- which, we must admit, are pretty quirky for this most mainstream of stars.

Here are some elements that threw us for a loop:

Wild wallpaper

Just… wow. As soon as you set foot inside Swift's foyer, you are overwhelmed with crazy-patterned wallpaper. It's like a flashback to the '60s -- or grandma's house. That said, she does break it up with a few framed photos and an antique clock. T-Swift is clearly into some retro.

A patterned fireplace

More crazy patterns can be found on her tiled fireplace, which Swift considers "the coolest thing in the [living] room."

Lots and lots of cats

Clearly, Taylor is a cat lady, because her living room is strewn with statues of them. "Probably more than 10," Taylor estimates. "And I don't know if you're counting the one that's alive down there."

A crazy kitchen faucet

Check out the nutty faucet in that kitchen! That detachable hose is so long, she could almost water her garden outside.

No kitchen cabinets

Kitchen cabinets, who needs 'em? Or so suggests Swift's decision to opt for open shelving instead. It certainly shows off her eclectic collection of bowls, which are decorated with (guess what?) more patterns.

A Scrabble board

Apparently, Swift is a wordsmith who says she'd teach English out of any subject, and here's proof: She keeps a Scrabble board smack on her antique dining room table. Oh, and look! She just happened to have the letters to spell "Hello Vogue." Hmm, think that was planned? Taylor Swift says no. "That was spontaneous," she deadpans. "I'm a very spontaneous person."

Overall, Swift's home is nothing like what we'd envisioned; it's far more cozy and eclectic than you'd think befits a pop star of her stature. But hey, perhaps that's part of her charm. Watch the whole video below to learn more.

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