6 Reasons You Should Check Out This Southern California Eichler

Buyers in the market for an Eichler home are a self-selecting group. Those on the hunt for such a dwelling prefer Mid-Century Modern design, are OK with a smaller footprint (usually under 2,000 square feet), and won't balk at the price, such as this one for sale in Orange, CA, for $890,000.

What's an Eichler? For those not in the know, these innovative homes from developer Joseph Eichler were well-built, well-designed, and (at the time) affordable. The prices have gone up just a tad, possibly due to a renewed demand for the open-concept, smaller-scale homes.

Listing agent Kelly Laule, an Eichler specialist, has come up with at least five more reasons to move into this particular four-bedroom home bulit in 1960. We added a bonus reason at the end.

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No renovations necessary

For years, the 1,735-square-foot home served as a rental property. "It needed a lot of work," says Laule, who worked with the owner to update the home.

The biggest change? The wall separating the kitchen and living space came down to create a truly open floor plan.

"Now you've got the gorgeous 180-degree view," Laule says. "You can see where everybody is in the backyard." Other key additions include an elastomeric roof coating, repolished concrete floors, and new mosaic tile in the bathroom.

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A newly landscaped yard

While many homeowners are yanking out their grass lawns due to the ongoing drought, this home has a new lawn, perfect for playtime with kids, Laule notes. The outdoor area also includes all-new irrigation. And abundant trees help to keep things shady. As for the front yard? "We did a front yard (that's) easy maintenance," Laule adds.

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A neighborly neighborhood

The Fairhaven enclave of about 140 Eichlers is a sweet, tree-lined community with a tightly knit and social group, according Laule.

"Not only do you have very unique, distinctive, very different homes -- but the people who come along with the homes, they're incredible. It doesn't feel like your normal neighborhood," she says.

She points to dinner parties, Halloween trick-or-treating, and a nearby park as social selling points. This hood also stands out for another reason. It was the first Eichler tract in Southern California, and the agent has helped to apply for it to receive a historic designation.

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A dreamy kitchen

The remodeled kitchen has glossy white cabinets and quartz counters with the look of Carrara marble, the agent notes.

"The kitchen is an awesome, awesome place," Laule gushes. In this kitchen, chocolate chip cookies are no-fail, thanks to the all-new Bosch appliances, including a convection oven, she says with a laugh. Just be sure to use "real butter."

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Don't miss out -- it's a fast-paced game

Laule says she just watched as two Eichlers were snapped up in Fairhaven. For people who live here, it's a "lifestyle" and they don't usually up and leave. The last two families who moved out were relocated for work, she adds. So don't hold off on putting in a bid, she cautions. Eichlers in this area often sell in about "one to two weeks."

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Bonus reason

Open houses are like parties. Laule says an evening open house will feature cocktails and live music. "It is a blast!"