6 New Home Design Ideas That Will Make You a Trendsetter

When it comes to home dcor and design, we've covered it all: We've discussed the trends that are hopelessly outdated, the ones that are the tackiest, and even the looks that had a good run but are on their way out.

But what's next? When we're flipping through photos on our next-gen Google Glass a few years down the line, which now-emerging design trends will scream so hot right now?

Trend predicting is an art, not a science. Designers don't use crystal balls (except sometimes as dcor), and those tarot cards would be put to better use as an unusual addition to your gallery wall.

But that doesn't mean designers can't guess. Here, they've identified six trends whose time has (almost) come.

1. Copper and rose metals

We've seen enough of gold and bronze -- it's time for a new metal to take its place.

"Warm metals like copper and gold will continue, but the trend will also include bronze and rose tones," says Maria Samuels, the lead interior designer at InStyleModern.com.

If you're feeling bold: Metallic accents are "taking a wide turn to also include furniture pieces and even metallic paint," Samuels says.

Try small accessories such as lamps and objets d'art to determine your favorite shade. But if you're majorly in love with rose gold, don't be scared to go big -- like picking up a whole bed frame or swapping out your kitchen faucets.

2. Gray-washed cabinetry

You probably already know that flat, all-white cabinets are all the rage right now. But what comes next?

Expect gray-washed oak kitchens to be hot, says Justin M. Riordan, the founder of Spade and Archer Design Agency.

"Just not yet," Riordan says.

Gray-washed oak is perfect for rustic fanatics who can't figure out how to integrate their country aesthetics into their city-slick dwellings. Gray tones mimic the washed-out color of reclaimed wood, with an added layer of sophistication that says no roosters here.

3. Nearly all white

"The American populace has been beaten over the head with color during the last umpteen design waves," Riordan says. "Every HGTV DIY show has been screaming about color pops since HGTV started doing DIY shows. We are sick of it."

Enter a reprieve: Benjamin Moore named Simply White the 2016 Color of the Year, a clear sign from the color gods of a shifting paradigm when it comes to paint.

Not that you should ditch the emeralds and marsalas -- but maybe it's time to consider a white background. And while you'll still want those pops of color, think of using them on a much smaller scale, and in a lighter palette. Instead of an accent wall, try an accent pillow in a light pink or a group of greenery as a natural accent.

"White is the new easy," Riordan says. "It allows us to update, swap, change, mix, and match, and it stays out of the way. White allows us to be creative on a daily basis, rather than once every 10 years when we decide to paint again."

4. Hexagonal tiles

We've had glass, penny, and accent striped tile, and those styles are on their way out. ("Thank goodness," Riordan says.)

When planning your backsplash, consider going a different direction. Like hexagons, perhaps (which you can even install yourself). Whether you go small or big, this hive-inspired shape just borders on quirky without being annoying. Small strips of hexagonal marble make a classy backsplash, and large tiles in the bathroom are just exotic enough to impress.

This nouveau-trendy shape extends beyond tiling: Find it in your furniture, your accessories, or even your DIY shelves. Honey -- it's home.

5. Blond wood

Here in the good ol' USA, we've seen season after season of dark, heavy woods, but Scandinavians have been singing the praises of blond for years now. Americans are finally starting to catch on, layering light woods with pastel pinks and blues to create a very Copenhagen-chic effect.

Blond wood mixes perfectly with metallics, grays, and whites, and it takes well to your favorite pops of color. But you'll want to use it sparingly -- you don't want your home to feel like an overstuffed Ikea showroom.

Done correctly, it's a gorgeous addition to a neutral home -- and a great base for your minimalist inspirations.

6. Fringe

"In 2016, we'll be surrounded by fringe," Samuels says. From tassels on your pillows to edging on your curtains and lampshades, and enormous wall hangings with textured panache, fringe promises to take over your whole house.

Don't fight it.

Texture makes a room feel complete: Instead of just a blank slate filled with hard surfaces, it gets softness, comfort, and flair. Even for novice designers, adding fringe to your room requires almost no work.

"Fringe just makes everything a whole lot cooler," Samuels says.

Is fringe a bit too daring for your tastes? You can get a similar soft look with fur -- a throw over a sofa, a chic rug, or even faux fur on the wall. (Although you won't actually be ahead of the curve, considering that fur's been a popular textured accent for a few years now.)

-- -- --

If looking cooler is your goal, you can't go wrong with a hypertrendy new look. Nothing feels better than visiting friends and finding they loved your dcor so much they mimicked it. So go on, be a trendsetter -- and tell us what's coming into vogue next.

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