5 Zombie-Proof Houses to Escape the Walking Dead

With "The Walking Dead" shambling into its sixth season this Sunday, we started wondering once again about the end of humankind. Sure, there have been 49 apocalypses predicted since 1980 (eight for the year 2000 alone), but that doesn't mean the zombie future so graphically and gruesomely portrayed in the show isn't the next one.

When that happens, you'll likely hole up in your house, the last bulwark against the flesh-eating undead. And these five houses looks like they are well-prepared to wait out a zombie apocalypse.

5. 412 Cooper Dr SE, Rome, GA

Price: $3.3 million

Why it's here: Situated on 39 acres, it's the perfect place to become governor of your very own Woodbury -- the citizens can have the other, smaller buildings on the property. There's also a generator, a fallout shelter, and a stream-fed swimming pool for some end-of-the-world skinny-dipping. (If TV has taught us anything, it's that 75% of all survivors you meet will be ridiculously good-looking.)

-- -- --

4. Unlisted, Sausalito, CA

Price: $380,000

Why it's here: One good place to be when the undead start getting the munchies: the coast of California. In case you didn't know, zombies can't swim, and taking a houseboat to an island paradise is a dream in a nightmare world. Is this quirky cottage houseboat made for sailing the high seas? Probably. Hopefully. Look, what else do you have to lose?

-- -- --

3. 3453 E Co 18 1/2, Yuma, AZ

Price: $640,000

Why it's here: We ask you: Is there a better place to shoot a crossbow than from a battlement? This custom-built castle in Yuma is practically walking dead -- proof, and we're willing to bet there are more than a few swords for up-close-and-personal encounters. The 3,380-square-foot castle comes with an automated drawbridge and a stone moat, which you might want to dig into an actual moat. See zombies-can't-swim info, above.

-- -- --

2. 18200 County Road 42, Goshen, IN

Price: $739,000

Why it's here: Unfortunately for "The Walking Dead" survivors, Hershel Greene's farm was woefully unequipped to deal with flesh-eating corpses. When you're looking for shelter, you'll want to set up fort in a stronger area, like this apocalypse-ready ranch in small-town Indiana. Downstairs and behind a secret wall in this 6,035-square-foot house, you can contemplate the apocalypse in peace in the bank vault or gun room. There's also an indoor shooting range to keep your shooting skills up to snuff.

-- -- --

1. 376 Summit Ridge Rd, Manitou Springs, CO

Price: $620,000

Why it's here: You know what they say: " When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth." They don't say the dead will climb mountains. Get away from the drudgery of postapocalyptic life by escaping to this five-bedroom home nestled in the quiet Rocky Mountains. You might have to walk a few miles to get water when the utilities sector falls apart, but there's a generator and little chance of the undead shuffling up to your front door. Besides -- check out those views!

-- -- --

Bonus: 1030 N Island Blvd, Ruskin, FL

Price: $4.995 Million

Why it's here: Take your cottage boat to the coast of Ruskin, FL, to find this magnificent island property. Located on 3.5 acres, with three sides protected by water, you can finally relax, and stop thinking about all the people you killed yesterday for that dusty package of Skittles. This home features all the luxe-life amenities such as a full bar, cabana, jetted tub, and steam shower. It also includes a generator so you can wash off the blood all night long. Plus, you might be able to kill someone for happening upon a chopper at the helipad. If you can get here, you've made it! Enjoy some Champagne. Just don't think about the fuel running out