Living off campus gives you a bit of a buffer from the hustle and bustle of classroom life, but it also means you're no longer able to simply walk from the dorms to classes.

While you're renting off campus, you need to find an alternate mode of transport to get you to class on time or to connect with any on-campus activities. Here are a few options.

1. Buy a car

Help mitigate the cost of parking on campus a by offering to drive people to school for a small fee. This makes owning a car a little more reasonable.

A car is key if you're perpetually running late to class or if your campus has a lot of bad weather days when you'd rather not be outside.

2. Find a carpool

It's also a great way to get to know fellow students and get to school on time. If one of your roommates owns a car and happens to go to campus around the same time you do, carpooling may be an awesome solution. Always offer to pay your share of gas money to snag a ride with them to campus.

3. Take the bus

While it can be a great money saver, it might be a hassle if you use the buses during "rush hour," at times when students pack the buses.

It may not be ideal if you have a bunch of early classes, however, because you'll have to leave extra early to make sure you get to class on time. Yet it could free you up from the hassle of parking or shelling out for gas money.

4. Bike it

Although it's not fun in the rain and could be a long workout if you live really far away, biking to school is definitely a healthy option for many students.

5. Walking

Again, this option depends on how far from campus you live. Track your steps with a fitness app to add exercise into your campus mix.

This article was written by Francine Fluetsch of Uloop.

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