5 Home Projects to Finish Before Labor Day

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If the back-to-school radio or television commercials haven’t clued you in yet, summer is nearly over and with that, so will be the longer days and warmer temperatures.

Now is the time to finish up those home improvement projects sitting at the top of the to-do list before Labor Day and the beginning of fall.

Curb Appeal Projects

Get going on outdoor projects that can increase your home value and up your curb appeal, such as exterior painting, landscaping or installing a new front door. Paint won’t cure in cold or wet weather, so tackle this big project before the weather takes a turn.

Clean and Caulk Windows

Make things a bit clearer by taking time to clean the outside of your windows. While you clean them, take note of any cracks or any places that may need caulking. Sealing your windows (and doors) well will ensure your home stays warmer and your utility bill stays lower during the colder winter months.

Scrub and Seal Your Deck

Your deck gets a beating year-round from rain and snow and freezing temperatures during the winter and sun and dry air during the summer. Give it a scrub with approved deck cleaner to get rid of mold, then apply a stain or sealant to protect it from rain and snow during the upcoming months.

Clean out the Garage (or other spaces)

It’s no fun to labor in a garage in the dead of winter, so get de-cluttering and organizing now when the weather is nicer. Donate unwanted items to charity or host a garage sale.

Seal the Driveway

If you’re seeing cracks or holes in your driveway this summer, they will most likely get worse with winter weather. Seal or repair your driveway to prevent further damage. Additionally, asphalt pavement doesn’t cure as well in cold weather; if you are considering a paved driveway, summer is the time to do it.

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