5 DIY laundry room storage ideas

I know, I know. Your laundry room is dusty, dank, and dull. Dust bunnies spin beneath the ironing board, which is wedged between the wall and the dryer. If only you could hire a carpenter to build you the laundry room of your dreams. You saw photos of show house laundry rooms and you long for one, but there is just no money to spend on it. You're giving up; glam and comfortable laundry rooms are just for the super rich, you think.

Fear not, ladies and gents! Five DIY bloggers posted their CHEAP DIY laundry room makeovers on Hometalk.com, and I am sharing their brilliant ideas with you. The laundry room renovation ideas I am sharing are all storage solutions, because (at least in my mind) building effective storage into a laundry room is the foundation of the room's design.

Install cabinets over the washer and dryer: DIY blogger Jennifer from Blissfully Ever After created this totally rocking example of laundry room cabinet storage. Jennifer updated prefabricated cabinets above her washer and dryer. The cabinet set includes two cabinets with doors and one open shelving space. She painted it bright white, and it totally brightened her laundry room, not to mention that it added mega storage space. The cost? $100!

Decorative ironing station: This idea is so smart that I want to smack myself for not thinking of it. I am jealous of the aesthetic sense of DIY blogger DeeDee of Clover House. DeeDee mounted a cabinet door on the wall of her laundry room, and hung her ironing board from decorative hooks that she affixed to the cabinet door. Sounds simple; looks like a million bucks. With a repurposed cabinet door, you could create this laundry room storage solution for next to nothing. DeeDee avoided having to hire a Dallas handyman to do the installation, as her sweetheart did it. You should have such good fortune, too.

Add butler's pantry features: This laundry room renovation by blogger Design OCD blew my mind. For $150, she revamped her laundry room while turning it into not just a laundry room, but also a butler's pantry. Do you die?! She installed simple open shelving and a long countertop atop even more shelving, which she covered with decorative fabric. It is simple, light, and I have never seen such a small space do so much.

DIY washer/dryer storage pedestals: If you are really pinched for space, do as Chris from Just a Girl Blog did. She expanded her storage space in a narrow laundry room by stationing her washer and dryer on top of pedestals with drawers. Wicked smart, dude. She says she saved $400 by building the pedestals herself. Cool.

Add open pantry shelving to a laundry room: Is the amount of open pantry shelving in Karen from The Quaint Cottage's laundry room out of hand? No way! You can't have too much storage space in a laundry room, and Karen has maximized every inch of wall space in a narrow little laundry room by building open pantry shelving all the way up one of the walls. Using reclaimed boards, she built a countertop above her washer and dryer, as well. Click over to check out her awesome DIY laundry room storage ideas.

Now it is your turn to do the talking. What other kinds of laundry room storage can you create?

Chaya Kurtz writes for Networx.com.

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