4 Things in Sylvester Stallone's Home That Will Blow Your Mind

Sylvester Stallone may be famed for playing the tough-talking but lovable lummox Rocky Balboa, but behind closed doors, the actor sports a completely different persona -- and we've got proof!

Check out these pics of Stallone's home, just listed for sale, and you'll see a softer, gentler Sly with New Age overtones and an artistic streak to boot.

Yo, Adrian, come take a look!

Located in La Quinta, CA, the 5,173-square-foot, four-bedroom, 4.5-bathroom home is going for $4,199,000 -- which is kind of a steal given that he'd reportedly bought the property six years ago for $4.5 million. Times are tough, even for the man they call Rambo.

But the surprises don't end there. Check out some of the more unexpected things we found in the Italian Stallion's home:

A crystal ball

Stallone has had no shortage of good luck and great success in his storied career, including the surprisingly awesome recent hit "Creed" (aka "Rocky VII"). But who knew his good fortune could boil down to a crystal ball?

"It's been tuned, so it's the real deal to tell the future and stuff like that," explains the listing agent, Josh Reef at Hurwitz James Co.

Paintings created by him

Stallone is a prolific painter. Really. "When I did a walk-through with the property manager, I saw around a dozen paintings with the signature 'Stallone,'" Reef recalls. "The manager said, 'oh yeah, he painted these.'"

Proof of his preppy side

In addition to dabbling in art and telling fortunes, Stallone finds time to hop on a horse and play polo -- as evidenced by the small picture next to a statue of two fighters in the living room.

"There's a sense of dominance and masculinity, but also this preppy side to him," says Reef.

Feng shui up the wazoo

Stallone may be a slugger, but his home is all about flow.

"The place is feng shui'd to the max," says Reef. Indoor living areas transition seamlessly into the outdoors, ornate crystals top the fireplace mantel, while on his living room coffee table is a rhinoceros statue with the world on top, which signifies protecting his family.

The kicker? Stallone is amenable to leaving everything behind in his house for the right fan (and, of course, the right price). The only thing he insists on taking with him are the photos of him with his wife and -- can you guess? -- that crystal ball. Perhaps it portends a knockout for Stallone on the home-selling front…