3 Moving Hacks So Smart, Even MacGyver Would Be Proud

When it comes time to move from the old place to the new one, everyone could use a few handy moving hacks … even MacGyver.

Sometimes, there are things about moving that we don't consider until it's too late: duct tape, bubble wrap, etc.

We've got your back, so you're ready when you're hit with the unexpected. We've got a list of moving hacks here that would make even MacGyver say, "Hey! I never thought of that!"

Moving can be a headache, and no one likes it -- but with a few good friends and a few handy tricks, you might make MacGyver proud.

1. Snacks as Moving Hacks

Once you've polished off the chips, those Pringles cans are indispensable for packing up pens, pencils and the conglomeration of stuff in your "junk drawer." These handy cans can hold a number of loose items that would otherwise end up rolling all over of the floor of your moving truck.

And when you run out of packing peanuts or bubble wrap, good ol' fashioned popcorn -- which is also dirt cheap -- is a terrific substitute. Pop a few kernels and use it to fill up the empty space in your boxes of fragile items.

2. Stretch It!

Your best bet to fix that problem? A simple rubber band. Hook one end over the inside knob, turn the knob so it's in the "open" position, and then you twist the band in an "X" over the latch and hook the other end to the outside knob.

Rubber bands also come in super-handy for keeping small boxes closed or binding clothes hangers together by their hooks.

3. Plate It Up

Instead, buy a party pack of foam plates at your local grocery store. They cost just pennies, and they'll protect your dishes better than foam squares or newspaper.

And when you get to your new place, you also will have something to eat off of while you're unpacking.

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