Will: Take Christie more seriously post-Paris attacks

Conservative columnist George Will is urging the GOP electorate to stop "treating the presidency as an entry-level job," and says candidates like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie should be taken more seriously in the wake of the Paris attacks.

"Paris was for all Americans, but especially for Republicans, a summons to seriousness that should have two immediate impacts on the Republican presidential contest," Will wrote Wednesday evening in his latest column for The Washington Post.

Up until now, Will suggests Republicans have used their own party's nominating contest to send "a message to Washington." However, the deadly attacks by radical Islamic terrorists in France last Friday should "cause Republicans to take another look at Chris Christie, beginning with his speech in Florida the day after the Paris attacks," he wrote, referring to the governor's passionate and unscripted remarks at the 2015 Sunshine Summit last Saturday.

Just hours after the Paris attacks, the former prosecutor told voters in Florida that the U.S. "must never allow this cult of evil to take hold."

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