Will A&E's suspension of Phil Robertson mobilize evangelical Christians?

In suspending “Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson, A&E may have given evangelical Christians an opportunity to mobilize and stand up for their beliefs, David Brody said Friday on “The Kelly File.”

“(Evangelicals) are very upset at A&E for pulling the plug,” said Brody, who’s the chief political correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network. “You don’t mess with Duck Dynasty and evangelical Christians.”

Brody told Megyn Kelly that of the 85 million evangelicals currently in the United States, only a quarter of them vote, leaving the door open for liberal groups to take advantage at the polls.

“This is a gay rights lobby that’s a well-oiled machine,” Brody said. “They have the money and they have the passion. Are evangelicals going to match the passion? At this point, they haven’t, but Duck Dynasty might change that.”

But Brody is unsure if evangelicals can counter the gay rights lobby, which he calls a “vocal minority.”

“Can (evangelicals) switch, in essence, they playing field? Well, that remains to be seen,” Brody said. “We’ll see in 2016 for sure.”