White House isn't sure how Clinton read TPP text

A White House spokesman indicated Wednesday that he doesn't know how former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton already knows that the just-concluded Trans-Pacific Partnership doesn't meet her standards, given that the final text is not yet public.

"Yeah, I noticed that too," White House spokesman Josh Earnest responded on Wednesday when asked how Clinton was able to say during Tuesday night's Democratic presidential debate that she has looked at the trade pact and found it wanting.

"What we have indicated is we have made a commitment to make the text public, both prior to the president signing it but also prior to the responsibility that Congress has to consider and ratify it," Earnest said. He didn't elaborate on Clinton's claim, but his comments confirmed that the deal hasn't yet been made public.

Still, Clinton said during Tuesday's debate in Las Vegas that, "in looking at it, it didn't meet my standards." She said her standards are new jobs for Americans and higher wages, and said she "concluded" that the deal wouldn't do those things.

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