White House 'chef' dishes big secrets (and a crazy surprise)

In his new book, “Sir White House Chef,” Ronnie Seaton reveals intimate stories from 32 years serving presidents from Reagan to Obama.

He tells how he watched as Bill Clinton seduced female staffers and how he saw Dick Cheney berate George W. Bush on a daily basis, and even shares the meal served to Clinton and Monica Lewinsky the night of their blue-dress incident.

But the two most stunning revelations concern Bush 43.

Seaton claims that throughout his time in the White House, George W. Bush was drinking alcohol and smoking pot regularly, writing that “President Bush drank a lot of whiskey,” that “he loved bourbon and beer,” and that they would find “marijuana butts” when they cleaned up after him.

On the next page, Seaton claims that Bush had a one-night affair with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and that Laura Bush knew about it and “told Dr. Rice she needed to think about leaving her post.”

At this point, you might be wondering if this guy is for real.

The Post did, too, and found that — despite Seaton’s claims — the White House has no record of him ever working there. Yet he has persuaded a small Christian press, Heritage Builders, to publish his book and has appeared in the press around New Orleans, where he works, telling similar stories.

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