White House About-face on Fly-over Photo

Despite a heavy push-back from the White House in recent days about not wanting to release images of the much-criticized "Air Force One" photo-op over Manhattan, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs made an about-face Wednesday when he announced a photo will be released.

But Gibbs barely made note of it at his briefing, where he also announced that an internal review of the incident will be released in days.

"The report, I believe, will be completed at some point this week. We'll release its findings and release a photo," Gibbs replied to Fox White House Correspondent Major Garrett's inquiry.

The White House is currently reviewing what failures occurred when the White House's Military Office approved the fly-over of the plane, which infuriated New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and frightened a city all too familiar with terrorism.

The photo was taken during a supposed flight-training mission in order to update the file photos on-hand of the president's 747 over national landmarks. However, its release will clearly perpetuate a story the White House would just as soon forget.

The plane is referred to as Air Force One whenever the president rides on it, which he was not, when the flight occurred last week.