VIDEO: Rahm Says Voters Should Decide His Fate

By Christmas Eve, Rahm Emanuel will know if his name will appear on the February ballot for the Chicago mayor's race. This week, the former White House Chief of Staff, spent roughly 11 hours testifying about almost every aspect of his life to prove he had always intended to return to Chicago and therefore qualifies as a mayoral candidate.

Illinois law requires candidates running for office to reside in the city where they are running for one full year prior to the election. The hearing officer presiding over Emanuel's residency case will issue his recommendation to the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners next week. The board will meet Thursday, Dec. 23, to issue a decision and certify all candidates names on the ballot.

This morning Rahm Emanuel was making the rounds with Chicago Cubs legend, Ernie Banks. The two chatted up voters over breakfast at Lou Mitchells restaurant, a popular campaign stop for Chicago politicians running for office.

At one point while greeting customers, a Chicago voter asked Emanuel if everything was settled with his residency case. Emanuel explained the issue would be decided next week, but ultimately he feels the voters should be the ones to decide his fate. Watch Emanuel's comments in the video below.