VIDEO First on Fox: New Ad Plays up Rep. Rahall’s Arab Ties

West Virginia Republican Spike Maynard is up with a new ad that doubles down on his controversial effort to highlight 18-term Democratic incumbent Rep. Nick Joe Rahall's ties to the Arab world.

Rahall, who is of Lebanese descent, has long taken an interest in Middle Eastern policy, famously paying a call on Saddam Hussein in the run up to the 2003 Iraq invasion.

Maynard's campaign came under criticism from Democrats for an ad that highlighted a 1996 campaign contribution from Abdurahman Alamoudi, who was later prosecuted for his dealing with the Gaddafi regime in Libya. That ad featured Alamoudi leading cheers for Hamas and Hezbollah and asked "Who supports Nick Rahall?"

The new spot, which the Maynard campaign says is set to go on air across the district Thursday, doubles down on the theme.

Here's the script:

Five things you deserve to know about Nick Rahall.

He's taken campaign cash from a group with terror ties

And from Alamoudi, now a convicted terrorist

Rahall helped Qatar while his sister was a registered foreign agent for them

He brags... "I happened to have been an early supporter of Barrack Obama"

And Rahall voted for Obamacare

Nick Rahall. Good for the Middle East. Good for Obama. Bad for America.

I'm Spike Maynard and I approved this message.