Utah city threatens fines over kids' cardboard castle, calling it ‘junk’

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They were king and queen of their homemade castle, but now a city in Utah is threatening to impose heavy fines and even a lien on the family home if they don’t tear it down.

Jeremy Trentelman built a cardboard castle for his kids, who are 2 and 3 years old, in their front yard.

Last week, though, Trentelman reportedly received a letter from Ogden City Code Enforcement officials stating that the castle was violating city code -- which prohibits people from putting junk in their yards.

Trentelman has 15 days to take the castle down, or faces a $125 penalty.

Trentelman posted a response on his Facebook page: “ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDIN ME!!!?!”

He later told KUTV, “They can also file criminal charges against us and levy the fines as a lien against the house. So they're not playing.”

Ogden code prohibits people from leaving “junk or salvage material” on their lawn, which could pose as a fire or safety hazard.

Trentelman said had he not received the demand to dismantle the fort, he would have taken it down in a few days anyway. But after getting the warning from Ogden, he says he will keep Casa Castle up until just before the penalty.

“It was a great project for all of us to build, and now it’s just (fun) watching them play in it, and watching their imagination run wild is just fantastic,” Trentelman told The Salt Lake Tribune.

The Trentelmans' standoff with the Ogden officials has prompted other residents in the area to build cardboard forts in their yards, too, as well as join a Facebook protest. As of Sunday, 64 people had joined the online show of solidarity, according to The Tribune.

Calls to Ogden city officials by FoxNews.com were not immediately returned.