Twitter rants against NRA, Kochs, Trump retweeted by top FEC Dem

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In the latest sign of partisanship on the Federal Election Commission, a top Democrat and former chair of the nation's elections umpires has put herself in the anti-NRA, anti-Donald Trump, and anti-Koch Brothers camp with her retweets.

Ann Ravel, who has mocked the partisanship of Republicans on the FEC, on Wednesday featured the Koch and NRA tweets and on Saturday resent a photo of the controversial Trump tweet that featured a Star of David.

The Koch tweet she recycled said, "Rich old white dudes want you to know they are just like the black civil rights protesters of the 60s." It drew attention to a judge's decision that the Kochs feel like civil rights leaders whose views were assailed in the 1950s.

A second drew attention to a tweet from California Rep. Jackie Speier that read, "Standing with gun violence survivors to tell @SpeakerRyan: @NRA-sponsored bills are not the way to #DisarmHate."

And last weekend, Ravel retweeted the Trump controversy over replacing the Star of David with a circle.

Ravel has led the FEC Democrats in pushing for wider enforcement of fundraising and elections laws and has claimed that the Republicans on the FEC are thwarting action.

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