Trumped by Buzzfeed, the Donald dumps a top aide


NBC leaves Bode Miller in tears

Trumped by Buzzfeed, the Donald dumps a top aide

This Buzzfeed piece on Donald Trump, and why he continues to flirt with running for president but never actually does, drew plenty of attention—not least because he praised the site, telling a visitor, “It used to be the New York Times, now it’s BuzzFeed.”

This will give you the flavor of the piece: “Isn’t it possible he’s simply bored with real estate and reality TV, that he’s searching for stimulation?

“Trump shrugs. ‘Who knows what’s in the deepest part of my mind? That could be possible.’…

“Within the bubble of luxury and loyalty Trump has created for himself, he hears about his own greatness every day from people on his payroll, or people who profit from his TV show, or people who are simply excited to see a famous person in real life. In this context, his mission to make me and my colleagues in the political press take him seriously seems to have little to do with answering a call to public service, or even a juvenile cry for attention. It’s about satisfying his insatiable thirst for validation from a world where people don’t reflexively call him ‘Mr. Trump.’”

Trump also said his favorite journalists include Maureen Dowd, Andrea Peyser, George Stephanopoulos, Bob Schieffer, Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski, and the entire Fox lineup. He is not a fan of Chuck Todd and Brian Williams.

Add to that list Buzzfeed reporter McKay Coppins. Though his piece quoted Trump at length, once it came out, The Donald tweeted: “A dishonest slob of a reporter, who doesn't understand my sarcasm when talking about him or his wife, wrote a foolish & boring Trump ‘hit.’”

But now there’s a real-life victim: Sam Nunberg, who is mentioned in the story. Trump gave him the “Apprentice” treatment and showed him the door.

The New York Post interviews Trump, who says he warned Nunberg: “If this guy writes a fair story, that’s fine. But if he writes a wise-guy story, you’ll be fired.” And Nunberg, who describes his ouster as fair, lost that gamble.

Coppins, for his part, tweeted: "I think I met Nunberg for 1st time that day in NH. Maybe once before. We weren't quite buddies. Still sucks he got thrown under the bus."

Trump has always been fun for me to interview, but it’s clear he takes his national image very, very seriously.

NBC leaves Bode Miller in tears

I got plenty of response on Facebook when I asked whether NBC interviewer Christin Cooper went too far in pressing bronze medalist Bode Miller about his brother's death, to the point that he not only cried but broke down and was unable to continue the conversation.

Mike McGill: Honestly, Olympic coverage is BASED on this. Roone Arledge began this approach decades ago. Personalize the athletes, especially if they have the dying mom, dad, brother, sister stories to tell.

Bill Cotton: Christin Cooper is a silver medalist skier and not a journalist, so I just wonder what the producer was telling her to ask in her earpiece. NBC had more than 12 hours to deem this good TV.

Bill Sheehan: She did her job. If they don't push a little, the interview will be crap.

Jesse Cecil: Reporter was pumping him for an emotional reaction. I felt it was a blatant violation of Miller.

Miller himself tweeted this generous assessment:

I appreciate everyone sticking up for me. Please be gentle w christin cooper, it was crazy emotional and not all her fault. #heatofthemoment

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