Trump: Stop referring to ISIS as 'masterminds'

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump wants the news media to stop referring to members of the Islamic State as "masterminds."

Trump suggested Friday on Twitter that the label inspires young Muslims to join the Islamic terrorist group.

"The media must immediately stop calling ISIS leaders 'MASTERMINDS,'" Trump tweeted. "Call them instead thugs and losers. Young people must not go into ISIS!"

In another message, Trump said, "The media must denigrate ISIS at all levels or youth will continue to be drawn to it. These are low level degenerates, NOT masterminds!"

News reports have frequently referred to Abdelhamid Abaaoud as the "mastermind" behind last week's planned attack in Paris, which resulted in 129 deaths and hundreds of injuries. Abaaoud was killed in a raid in France on Wednesday, according to local authorities.