Trump Returns to New Hampshire, Talks UBL and Economy

Donald Trump made his second visit to New Hampshire Wednesday, giving the keynote address at the annual Business Expo hosted by the Greater Nashua Chamber of Commerce. Event organizers said it was the first time the event had sold out in just five hours.

Speaking before an audience packed with entrepreneurs and small business owners, Trump described himself as "anti-establishment," set apart from Washington Republicans because "I'm not in that club."

Trump praised the recent death of the world's most wanted terrorist.

"We had a great victory last week with the killing of Bin Laden. That was great," said Trump who then weighed in on the use of enhanced interrogation techniques. "We're so politically correct and nobody wants to say it. Nobody ever wants to use the word. Isn't another word for that torture? And you know what? The people that I watched jump off the World Trade Center. That was torture. So we catch this guy. They shoot him. Then they clean his body. They give him a religious ceremony. They take 45 minutes... why? I don't understand it."

"In terms of torture. In terms of enhanced interrogation we wouldn't have caught Bin Laden without it. That's what got us to him," said Trump.

Trump promised the reelection of President Obama would result in higher taxes. He argued America needs to negotiate tougher terms with the leaders of OPEC and China. He said the brightest in the business and investment community would do a better job than a diplomat.

"You know what a diplomat is? That's a person that studies how to be nice. I don't want a nice person," said Trump. "And that's why I may not make it in terms of getting... I'm not that nice a person but, I tell you what, I'd make this country great again. That I can tell you."

While his business background could be perceived by voters as a strength in these tough economic times one clothing shop owner at the event questioned Trump's ability to compromise, asking if it was a skill he would develop in the political arena. Can he tap into an "inner nice guy?"

In response, Trump said there has already been too much compromise and it has led to a massive debt.

"I think compromise is a great thing and I've made plenty of compromises over my life but I think we're beyond compromise. We have to do what's right for the country and if we don't do it we're not going to have much of a country left," said Trump.

'The Donald' has yet to announce whether or not he will pursue a White House bid but his return to the first-in-the-nation primary state has spurred further speculation that the billionaire is serious about joining the race.