Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump praised the controversial "stop-and-frisk" police tactic Wednesday, saying it "worked incredibly well" when it was used in New York City.

Trump was speaking at a town hall moderated by Fox News' Sean Hannity at a mostly black church in Cleveland, Ohio when he was asked how he would stop violence in black communities.

In response, Trump pointed to "stop-and-frisk", which allows police to stop and search any person officers deem suspicious.

"I think you have to [do it]," Trump said. "We did it in New York, it worked incredibly well and you have to be proactive."

"Now, we had a very good mayor, but New York City was incredible, the way that worked, so I think that could be one step you could do."

"Stop-and-frisk" drew complaints from New York City minorities, who claimed they were being disporportionately stopped for searches by officers. In 2013, a federal court ruled that the practice was unconstitutional and its use has since been scaled back.

The event was held amid ongoing controversy and unrest over two more police-involved shootings of African-American men, one in Tulsa, Okla. and the other in Charlotte, N.C.

Trump appeared to criticize the female officer involved in the Tulsa shooting, saying the victim "was doing everything he was supposed to do."

"I don't know if [the officer] choked," Trump said. "He was walking. His hands were high. He was walking to the car. He put the hands on the car. Now, maybe she choked. Something really bad happened."

The full town hall will air Wednesday at 10 p.m. ET on Fox News Channel.