Trump: Obama angry at press and GOP, not terrorists

President Obama's Monday press conference made him seem more angry with Republicans and the press that with the terrorists who attacked Paris last week, Donald Trump argued Wednesday.

"It was just terrible. It was so unprofessional," Trump said on Fox News. "He was angry at the press and you know people had just been killed and you have these animals out there shooting everybody and frankly he wasn't angry at them he was angry at the press."

"And I think he was angry at the Republicans, I think mainly me, but he didn't want to use the name, which is fine," Trump added. "But I think he was angry at the Republicans, but he was really angry at the press, and he showed very little anger toward the people that did all this carnage."

Obama seemed to be referring to his GOP critics when he said his administration would not change its policy toward the Islamic State, and said just sounding tougher in a press conference, something Trump in particular is famous for, wouldn't help.