Trump bump: New 5-point poll lead over Carson

Donald Trump has regained some ground lost to Dr. Ben Carson, Reuters' 5-Day Rolling Poll finds. Trump now leads Carson nationally, 27.7 percent to 22.2 percent.

Marco Rubio is now at 12.3 percent, still third place in the race. Ted Cruz is fourth, 8.6 percent.

Jeb Bush is fifth with 6.7 percent of national support. Carly Fiorina is sixth with 3.8 percent, but is currently beaten by "wouldn't vote," which registers 6.1 percent support.

Chris Christie (3.5 percent), Rand Paul (2.9 percent), John Kasich (2.9 percent), Mike Huckabee (2.8 percent), and Bobby Jindal (1.3 percent) round out the GOP candidates above 1 percent.