Trump blames legal woes on 'Spanish' judge

Donald Trump suggested that a lawsuit over his controversial Trump University has benefited from the Hispanic ethnicity of the "very hostile" judge presiding over the case.

The remarks during an Arkansas campaign rally comes a few days after Sen. Marco Rubio brought up the legal troubles of Trump University, the billoinaire's now-defunct real estate college, during a debate. Several former students in California filed a class action lawsuit saying the school was a fraud.

Rubio said students paid $36,000 to go to "a fake school."

Trump said at the rally that the lawsuit should have been thrown out because of a video of a student who said that she liked the school.

But it was not, Trump said, due to "tremendous hostility" towards him by the judge.

"I believe he happens to be Spanish, which is fine," Trump said. "He's Hispanic, which is fine."

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