Top House Armed Service Committee Republican:DADT is Flawed Process, Policy

Incoming Chair and current ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee Buck McKeon, R-Calif., says that the process by which the Don't Ask, Don't Tell repeal has been handled is unacceptable.

"This has been a runaway train with one ending. There has been no collaboration," McKeon told Fox News.

He lamented the lack of House hearings on the DADT repeal report released earlier this month.

Asked if Marine Corps Commandant Jim Amos went too far in saying that he had concerns that a repeal could lead to distractions and to his troops losing limbs, McKeon said he did not. "I applaud General Amos," he said. "[General Amos] has the concern of every Marine on his mind. Probably the easiest thing for him to do in this town would be to say we're Marines we'll do it. He's looking out for them."

McKeon says his vote against the bill will be a vote against both the policy and the process.