Tom Hanks Sends Coffee to the White House Press Corps..and Asks Reporters to Clean Up After Themselves

A few years ago, Academy Award winning actor Tom Hanks visited the White House and noticed the press corps did not have a proper and fancy coffee machine. So, Hanks donated one. The problem is, that coffee machine did not last and when Hanks visited the White House earlier this year, he came around to see his gift.

Hanks quickly realized his gift was no longer providing the much needed and wanted caffeine to the press corps.

Flash forward to today. Tom Hanks has yet again donated a coffee machine to the White House press corps with a hand-written note saying in part "Drink in health. Write the truth. Clean up after yourselves."

Take a look...

{VignetteVideo id="2F7CF05D091A6AA58CFB49CECD027178" height="211" width="375" assettitl="WH+New+Coffee+Maker..." aspectratio="1.77" autoplay="off" }