Timeline of Clinton email server setup

Several dozen pages of documents released Friday from the FBI’s Hillary Clinton email investigation lay out a timeline of how her servers were set up.

The timeline is as follows:

June 2008: An Apple representative installs a private server in the basement of the Clintons' Chappaqua home - hosts the presidentclinton.com & wjcoffice.com private email domains.

Fall 2008: Clinton aide Justin Cooper – at the suggestion of Huma Abedin – contacts IT specialist Bryan Pagliano about building a new server to host a private Hillary Clinton email domain and to maintain that server (separate from the Apple server).

Fall 2008 to January 2009: Bryan Pagliano uses hardware from Clinton's presidential campaign headquarters and commercially bought equipment to construct the new server.

January 2009: HRC decides to stop using her BlackBerry email account (hr15@att.blackberry.net) and directs aides to create a new private domain (clintonemail.com). That domain is hosted on the Clinton's Apple server maintained by Cooper.

1/13/2009: The clintonemail.com domain registered with Network Solutions. Clinton aide Justin Cooper is listed as the domain's point of contact.

Mid-to-late January 2009: Clinton transitions to the newly created hdr22@clintonemail.com account. At this time she stopped using her BlackBerry email account as her primary address.

1/21/2009: Hillary Clinton sworn in as Secretary of State.

March 2009: Bryan Pagliano & Justin Cooper physically install the new server into the basement of the Clintons' Chappaqua, NY home – that server is maintained by Bryan Pagliano. Cooper & Pagliano begin the transfer of email data from the Apple server to the newly constructed server.

March 2009: The Clintons' old Apple server is repurposed to serve as a personal computer for household staff.

3/18/2009: Last known email discovered by FBI to have been sent by HRC from her BlackBerry account.

Fox News' Matthew Dean contributed to this report.