Tillerson: US strategy on North Korea relies on China's participation

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Secretary of State Rex Tillerson on Thursday reiterated that tensions are “running a bit high right now” with North Korea but said the Trump administration has a “very deliberate strategy” that they are employing that involves amped up global participation.

“We’re asking a lot of the Chinese,” Tillerson said on “Special Report with Bret Baier.”  “We are going to test China’s willingness to help address this serious threat.”

Tillerson added that the Trump administration is not seeking a regime change or a collapse of the North Korean government but instead demanding Pyongyang denuclearize.

Tillerson was among the top Trump officials on hand Thursday during a rare meeting with all 100 U.S. senators for a closed-door briefing on North Korea.

“Past efforts have failed to halt North Korea's unlawful weapons programs and nuclear and ballistic missile tests,” Tillerson said in a statement following the meeting. “With each provocation, North Korea jeopardizes stability in Northeast Asia and poses a growing threat to our allies and the U.S. homeland.”

Tillerson is preparing to speak Friday morning on the growing threat of a nuclear North Korea when he addresses a special meeting of the United Nations Security Council.

The former Exxon official also took aim at Iran during the Fox interview.

“Iran is a serious threat to the U.S. today and to the stability of the region” he told Fox. “It is not OK between Iran and us.”