Leaked texts reveal Sen. Ted Cruz’s wife, Heidi, discussing frigid conditions in Texas and inviting neighbors on a getaway trip to a resort in Cancun, Mexico even as state residents were without power or clean water, according to a report Thursday.

In the texts obtained by the New York Times, Heidi Cruz reportedly told neighbors on a group thread Wednesday that her home was "FREEZING." She invited neighbors to join the Cruz family on a trip to the Ritz-Carlton resort in Cancun, adding that they had stayed there "many times."


"Anyone can or want to leave for the week?" she wrote, according to the Times. "We may go to Cancun."

Millions of Texans were left without power, heat, or clean water this week after below-freezing temperatures compromised the state’s power grid. Critics ripped Cruz for fleeing the state for a tropical vacation even as his constituents struggled to stay warm without basic necessities.

In the texts, Heidi Cruz noted that rooms were just $309 per night at the resort and that the venue had good security. She detailed a potential trip from Wednesday through Sunday, with direct flights to and from Cancun.

Cruz’s offer reportedly drew little interest from neighbors. The senator’s wife offered the group help if they needed.

"We have gas stove so at least we can heat water little that there is happy to help anyone we can too," she wrote.

Representatives for Cruz did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the texts.

Images of the senator’s family boarding a flight to Mexico first surfaced on Wednesday evening. After more than 12 hours, Cruz’s office acknowledged that he had taken the trip.


By the time Cruz returned home to Houston on Thursday afternoon, protestors had gathered outside demanding his resignation. In a brief meeting with reporters, Cruz said the trip was "obviously a mistake."

"As I said, really from the moment I sat on the plane, I began really second-guessing that decision," Cruz said. He noted that he was "trying to be a dad" for his young daughters, who had the week off from school and were stuck at home without heat.

When asked if he cut his trip short due to the political backlash, Cruz did not directly respond.