Tech exec disses Obama confab

Tech company chiefs came to town Tuesday to talk turkey with the president about the NSA surveillance program, and efforts to repair the website.

But, according to the Daily Mail, one exec whose CEO attended the meeting says, “We really didn't care for a PR pitch about how the administration is trying to salvage its internal health care tech nightmare.”

Matt Drudge is all over it.

Who talked out of school? Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Netflix, Comcast, Twitter, and Apple, among others, all had seats at the table.


After breakfast yesterday, they started falling like a house of cards. Iowa’s Tom Latham, Virginia’s Frank Wolf, and lone Democrat, Utah’s Jim Matheson, all hung up their congressman hats.

NBC's Betsy Fischer Martin is waiting for more …

Carl Hulse of the New York Times most likely nails the reasoning …

And the Atlantic’s Molly Ball likens Congress to a bunch of kids playing follow the leader.

Although, we don’t need three retirements in a day to call out Congress for behaving like children.


Stephen Green, aka VodkaPundit, made me laugh out loud. The White House releases another one of its "talk to someone about healthcare over the holidays" ads. This time it’s with a man in long johns:

And this is Green’s comeback:

Reading it again, thinking of the picture, and still laughing.


What Michele Bachmann and slabs of beef have to do with holiday photos, I don’t know. But Huff Post’s White House/Congress reporter, Jennifer Bendery, somehow managed to link the two.

Maybe Bender’s making pot roast for Christmas?


Who is Bruce Rauner and why is he holding up a snow globe in my Twitter feed?

The answer is, one, he’s running for Governor of Illinois as a Republican, and two, because he paid for the ad to be there. His “promoted tweet” showed up in my timeline because I follow Mark Halperin (Time Magazine), Carol Roth (CNBC), and James Rosen (Reporter down the hall from me at Fox News), who follow him.

On his website you can, “See how Bruce will hammer down the special interests and shake up Springfield,” as well as vote on your favorite ad. The snowglobe one is winning.

And so is he.

The Chicago Sun Times reports that in a November poll, Rauner was leading the four-way GOP contest.


Washington Post’s Chris Cilizza pulled together his top 18 political photos of the year.

It’s worth a look – and includes Benghazi, NSA, IRS and even a shot of umbrella guy. (Remember him?)

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