Tea Party Seeks to Spotlight the 'Horrors' of Illegal Immigration

The Tea Party is pushing back against what it sees as a campaign by Obama supporters and the media to grant amnesty to the estimated 11 million illegal immigrants living in the U.S. by highlighting the "horrors" of illegal immigration.

The Tea Party Nation sent an e-mail to about 35,000 members Tuesday morning asking them to post stories in a new forum about illegal immigrants victimizing Americans either by taking their jobs, committing crimes or undermining businesses by providing cheap labor to their competitors.

"The drum beat for Amnesty is here," the e-mail read. "The Obama Regime and the drive-by media are pushing Amnesty with stories about illegals who are just here 'to make a better life' for themselves. The media is ignoring stories of the horrors of illegal immigration."

The group also asks members to share photos or videos of "illegals or their supporters doing outrageous things (like burning the American flag or putting the Mexican flag above ours, or showing racist posters.)"

"We sent this out because there are two sides to this story," Judson Phillips, president of the Tea Party Nation, told FoxNews.com. "Illegal immigration has a huge and horrible cost."

The e-mail comes in the wake of a media firestorm over an internal memo in the Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services that suggested large-scale plans were being considered to provide a so-called non-legislative version of amnesty. The Obama administration has denied supporting any plans for amnesty.

About 160 comments have been posted on the forum, Phillips said, including stories about illegals causing car accidents, raping the wives of Americans and committing murder. Phillips said he's still deliberating on what to do with the stories. But he added that he's certain he wants to use them somehow to counterbalance the stories focusing on the struggle of illegal immigrants.

"We want to change this story," he said. "This is not about people who have broken the law to come here but Americans who are being victimized by illegal immigrants and the federal government which doesn't care."