State Dinner Crashers say they didn't crash..WH says differently

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Tareq and Michaele Salahi were all over national TV today saying they absolutely did not crash the State Dinner for Indian Prime Minister Singh. But, Robert Gibbs says differently.

On Fox and Friends this morning, Gibbs was asked about the Salahi's and their claim that they were invited guests at the White House.

" If your name isn't on a list, which theirs wasn't, if you didn't get an invite, which they didn't, you shouldn't be here at an event."

Gibbs told Fox the Secret Service is looking into the matter and taking the situation very seriously.

"I don't think there is any doubt, and the Secret Service has said, those individuals should not have gotten on the complex," Gibbs said.

And Gibbs added, the security measures at the White House are taken in order to protect the President, in all matters and at all events, even a State Dinner.

"There's a reason why you have to have a list, the reason why you have to give your social security number and your date of birth to get here. This is a secure location and I believe the President believes not just for his family's security but also again for the security of the people that come here."