Senate Dems to Lay Out Tax Cut Plan Thursday

Senate Democrats, huddled in a closed door luncheon Thursday, plan to reveal a path forward on the expiring Bush tax cuts, this according to the Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill, and a senior aide to Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev.

"We're going to discuss the options, try to reach a conclusion this afternoon, and then share it with the White House," Durbin told reporters after a meeting with actress Gena Davis to try to spur action on a languishing treaty on human rights for women.

Congressional Democrats have complained that the White House was sending ambiguous signals in recent weeks on the issue, and after a leadership meeting with the President Thursday morning, Durbin said Obama plans to erase any confusion.

"The president I think will draw some clear, bright lines about where he stands on this. He said he would and I leave it to him to do that," said Durbin, a close ally of the White House.

Durbin made clear he supports the president's ultimate goal to preserve tax cuts for middle income working families, but when asked if he could accept a compromise that extends all of the cuts, the number two Democrat in the chamber said, "I don't rule out any possibilities."