Senate Dem wants to turn federal agencies into alternative fuel filling stations

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A senior Senate Democrat wants to make alternative fuels more accessible by letting federal agencies to sell these fuels to their federal employees.

Under new legislation from Sen. Patty Murray, D-Wash., federal agencies could install these service stations, and collect a fee for selling alternative fuels to workers and even visitors. Agencies could spend those fees however they want in the year they are collected, or the year after.

Under Murray's bill, all federal agencies, including the executive office of the president, would be allowed to "construct, operate, and maintain alternative fuel infrastructure on property under the jurisdiction of the federal agency." It would also allow those agencies to "provide alternative fuel on a reimbursable basis on property under the jurisdiction of the federal agency for use by privately owned vehicles used by covered individuals."

Covered individuals include federal employees, members of the Armed Services, any contractor, and any visitor to a federal agency.